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Let’s get the facts correct. In January of 2013, one Bitcoin was valued at approximately $13. Now in October of 2017, its value has crossed $6,000. This year alone, its value has increased by 750 percent. These numbers alone are sufficient to entice even the sanest of minds to invest in ..Read More

By Albert Jordan (Senior Software Engineer)

Here are the best short term investment plans: 1. Savings account As one of the preferred choices of most people, savings accounts offer maximum liquidity. This helps you withd ..Read More

By conway hill ()

Budgeting is the simple exercise of reconciling your income with your expenses, and that should be your first step, SIP calculator will help you to calculate your budget and propose different investment schemes from Kotak mutual funds according to your salary. It is a convenient method to help creat ..Read More

By lets user ()

There are lots of options for SIP investments available, but the money you keep for saving should be invested in a proper way, Kotak mutual funds plans gives you flexibility in your investments, you can start with a little amount of Rs. 500 on a monthly or quarterly basis without disturbing your hou ..Read More

By Jignesh Shah ()