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The appropriate response is as basic and troublesome with respect to why INC needs Mr. Rahul as their PM competitor, why INC keeps the Gandhi family as the INC party boss, Why INC consistently against BJP's any approaches. Let me reveal to you some model which can simple your errand to comprehend why the INC restricted Article 370 and 35A and no remark on... Read More

By parvin singh (Army constable )

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In Priyanka Gandhi, people see the image of Indira Gandhi. And everyone knows how much disturbed are other parties with the news of her entering into the politics. For Congress, having her at their side is also a sigh of relief; her persona is that strong. So it's quite obvious that to fade away the Priyanka-effect, BJP leaders are indulging into the... Read More

By Abdul Malik (News reporter (CEN News ))

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Will Tejaswi Surya be a PM candidate for the BJP in the future ..Read More

By aditya achhabra (Blogger)