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The deposit is something that is the amount due in the form of the first installment on the purchase of something and the balance is paid later.There are several types of deposits:Term depositDemand depositCASA DepositNRO, NE (E) RA and FCNA (A) accountDeposit ..Read More

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What do you prefer? Run your own business or work for someone else?

Ram kumar Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Updated 31 Jul, 2018

It all depends upon various factors as to what is more good for a person running his own business or working for someone else. It also depends on person to person and this choice is based on various elements aa stated:1. Capital: Every business needs capital to work. It could be a working capital or fixed capital. Working capital means cash required for day... Read More

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It’s pretty straightforward and easy with countless resources available online.  The exams – both Part 1 and Part 2 – itself are easy. Yes, for that you need to be as prepared as possible. Starting the preparation as early as 6 months is a great idea! The steps to write PLAB fo ..Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)