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What are the top 20 CA firms in Mumbai?

Anonymous | Posted 22 Oct, 2019

The list of top 20 CA firms in Mumbai/India are:- 1. DELOITTE 2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 3. ERNST & YOUNG 4. KPMG 5. BDO International 6. GRANT THORNTON (INDIA) 7. Desai Haribhakti 8. R.M. AJGAONKAR &a ..Read More

By Ananya Nair (Accountant )

You may get a job after qualifying as a CA, but it may not be to your satisfaction. Along with your qualifications, you also need to be skilled in your communications and have the confidence enough to beat the others who compete for the same job. Jobs in India are scarce for those who worth more tha ..Read More

By Aditi Ahuja (Financial Advisor)


What is needed to apply for a CA loan?

Aditi Ahuja Financial Advisor | Posted 06 May, 2019

The Chartered Accountant loans are very similar to personal loans but can be availed only by qualified chartered accountants. The loans belong to the category of professional loans, just like the doctors' loans and engineers loans. One can apply for a CA loan with a bank or a Non-Banking Financial C ..Read More

By Aditi Ahuja (Financial Advisor)

Article 226 1. Article 226 empowers every High Court to issue the writs. 2. Article 32 is itself a fundamental right. Article 226 is not a fundamental right. 3. The President of India cannot suspend Article 226 during the period of Emergency 4. Article 226 is not a right as that of Article 32. The High Court may issue writs according to its... Read More

By Md Alam (student)

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