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What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

Anonymous | Posted 27 Mar, 2019

List of My fav chinese food is a bit longer. But I love chicken crispy the most. Also love making chinese food at home. ..Read More

By ramesh h (finance professional)


How to make Mayonnaise at home?

Kanchan Sharma Content Writer | Updated 24 Jul, 2018

Mayonnaise goes well with kids' favorite sandwiches, burgers and salads. You can have it with almost all kinds of snacks and appetizers. Mayonnaise adds a unique flavour to the regular boring dishes. The best thing about this easy Mayonnaise recipe is its creamy texture, which can changed the taste of any recipe.Ingredients Required (Serving Approx for 8... Read More

By गीता पांडेय (head cook ( seven seas ))

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