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How social media is changing the way people commit crimes?

gadiya swamy SEO at SEO For Google | Posted 15 Nov, 2018

I’m not sure you are not unaware of the Momo challenge which took a thousand of lives. I’m also sure that you know the kind of freedom Social media has given us these days. Social media has not only changed the way we communicate. It... Read More

By Urmila Solanki (BBA in mass communication)

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Is cyber security is really there or are we in danger?

Ramesh Kumar Marketing Manager | Updated 25 Jul, 2018

Cyber Security has been raised as a major point of concern in last decade. Everyone wants to know how secure we are in the world where everything we say or do is being stored on various servers. And the icing on the cake is that we ought to hear about these chinks in Armour again and again.  Th ..Read More

By Ankit Srivastav (Blog Strategist)


What are some must-know cybersecurity tips?

Anonymous | Posted 16 Jul, 2020

Hello,Here I am with some important cybersecurity tips:updating your software when there is a new update available.Put a backup of your important data regularly.Make sure that your system is Antivirus protectedDon't save your password in system  ..Read More

By saurabh jha ( Digital marketing traniee)