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Should I invest in share market or Bitcoins?

Abdul Malik News reporter (CEN News ) | Updated 28 Jul, 2018

In simple words, if you’re looking for a long-term investment avenue, the stock market is your forte.However, if you want some quick bucks in half-a- year or so, Bitcoin is more than an ideal choice.Understand this that, even amid all the frenzy and its skyrocketing price, Bitcoin will eventuallycrash, due to its high volatility and anonymity that spirals... Read More

By Aditya Singla (Marketing Manager (Nestle))

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When you consider investing in mutual funds, go for reliable companies like Kotak Mutual Funds. Visit their website to know about systematic investment plan tenure and returns. The website has a SIP Calculator that allows you to compute the exact amount you must invest for your earnings and social s ..Read More

By lets user (student)


What can you buy with bad credit?

shane robert Manager | Posted 07 Sep, 2019

Any loans are possible even you have a bad credit score. But better to reduce the bad credit score by simple things. Like pay your bills, Stay upto date payments. Because if you maintain a good credit score, the interest rates may vary compare to bad credit scores. ..Read More

By leo jack (finance)


What is Debt Relief Order? How does it works?

Anonymous | Posted 17 Aug, 2019

A Debit relief order is a private legal agreement in between you, your IP, and the lenders. So, there is nobody else who will know about the Debit relief order, unless they search on the public record of the Individual Insolvency Register. The Debit relief order will remain on your credit recor ..Read More

By alvina clair (Financial adviser)