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Best summer drink to beat the heat?

Sumil Yadav Sales Manager... | Updated 10 Aug, 2018

Advantages of home prepared supper are various.. Highlighting a couple. 1. Sets aside cash - As a homemaker, I watch out for the costs. Significant piece of it continues eating outside. 2. Nutritious - You will in general cook something which is progressively sound and nutritious for you a ..Read More

By Sreemoyee Gupta (online journalist)

ooffrr app will help you in getting the best food deals in new delhi as well as in other categories as will loke clothing ,spa etc.This app will let you know about the variour offers around you and you can acquire on the spot which is beneficial specially in clothing and accessories categories as yo ..Read More

By lets user (digital marketier)

South delhi is a hub of mouth-watering eateries with aesthetic settings located in good areas. There are an ample of places one can visit for such places some of them also have exciting themes. Some of them are as follows: 1.Hauzkhas Social is one of the most perfect places to have food any time of ..Read More

By Priyal Verma (Student)


Which is the most expensive food in India?

Anonymous | Posted 03 Apr, 2020

8 Most costly dishes served in India 1. Gold plated dosa - Rajbhog, Bengaluru What about having a gold plated dosa? This may sound extravagant to you, however Rajbhog, Bengaluru serves this 'sone ka dosa' with 24K brilliant vark served with a royal flair and this may cost you around Rs 1100 for each plate.   2. Pizza - Qube, The Leela Palace,... Read More

By Chhavi Tyagi (digital marketer)

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