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What are the most unhealthy food for a bodybuilder?

Ram kumar Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 05 Aug, 2019

Those days were history when only professional bodybuilders are trying to build their bodies to take part in a competition like Mr. India, Mr. Universe or weight lifting. Now after seeing Salman Khan and others, the 6 pack body is a new thing that every boy wants. It is not like you starve for days and do exercise till you are tired, you will have a body... Read More

By Vasanthi Gopalan (Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator.)

letsdiskuss answer

When you can’t follow a strict diet, choosing the right drink can do wonders for you and will help you lose weight.   1. Drink more water Your 70% body is almost made up of water and when you drink enough water that helps you in losing more weight that you are actually losing.   2. Vegetable Soups Having Vegetable soups daily is the excellent way... Read More

By Priya Gupta (Working with holistic nutrition..)

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Food Festivals are great fun !! you get to try new and different type of food dishes and dishes around the world . which are tend to be not available on routine restaurant food menu . People and explore many things also in these fests. I have read about an article about various food festivals around ..Read More

By anamika saxena (student)

You can infuse different flavours in your cup of chamomile tea. Here are some of our favourite chamomile tea recipes that you can try at home.Chamomile Ginger Ice TeaIngredients 8 cups water ½ inch ginger 2 cups chamomile flowers 4 teaspoons honey Juice of two fresh lemons Ice Recipe Boil w ..Read More

By Jhanvi Kapoor (Digital Marketer)