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As per the questions asked about the recent trends in technology, unified communications (UCaaS) technology has gained popularity in 2019 and CloudConnect is the best example of the same. UCaaS technology is based on UCa ..Read More

By Vinay Arora (Website Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing)


Write some tips for controlling stress.

Sumit Kotter @letsuser | Posted 02 Jan, 2018

I would suggest the following - * Reduce your expectations from yourself and people around you* Try not to control situations and behaviors of people* Don't take money and social status too seriously * Spend time with children and pets * Walk ..Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

Hey !You can cure Bacterial Vaginosis  with Coconut Oil .Coconut Oil has Not only Antibacterial Properties but also Antifungal characteristics. These Properties Make Coconut Oil for BV a Viable Treatment. Read on to Find out the Benefits of Coconut Oil For BV Treatment. ..Read More

By andrew fetterly (Blogger )

I’m not saying that the students of other streams do not have to study for long hours, but if you are a student of science stream, you would understand how important and relevant this question is. I had PCM in 11th and 12th, and I had really hard time managing my time and get myself study for 17 hours a day *with full concentration*. ... Read More

By Sneha Bhatiya (Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal))

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