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How to download a movie using torrent sites

Jessica Elvin Digital MArketer | Posted 02 Apr, 2019

I recently discovered the following websites below which say that anyone can download movies for free. I would like to know if any, or all of the sites, will give someone legal repercussions if one were to download from the websites. Would you need a superior ..Read More


Yes, there are more than a few companies who dub different language movies in Hindi. However, only a handful of them get contracts from Hollywood biggies, rest just survive by dubbing different Indian language movies in Hindi. Sound and Vision India is possibly one of the biggest names on the scene ..Read More

By Rohit Valiyan (Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ))

Oscar is not just an award it's a symbol, symbol of excellence, symbol of achievement and symbol of a creative peak. No one questions the credibility of Oscars or its judgement because all the categories we see in Oscar are well thought and represent some kind of creative excellence. But its new 'Popular Film' category is nothing more than a panic decision... Read More

By Vikas Jha (Journalist and Writer at G-files and Bollywoodtoday.in)

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I really love watching movies. Although I prefer Bollywood movies over Hollywood movies, still I like to watch them both. Being a movie buff, I came across lots of major differences between the both industries that I can share with you. Following are some of them that I could point out. 1. Quality: Of course, quality is the first... Read More

By Nikita Kabra (Company secretary,MBA)

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