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What are some good anime shows/films to watch?

Anonymous | Posted 25 Jun, 2019

AFREEN is a gripping, suspenseful drama directed by Aashish Chanana Afreen Director. The concept of the story is bold and masses learn more from this movie. Aashish Chanana takes it responsibility to make people aware of the latest issues prevailing in the society. Follow the website of Aashish Chan ..Read More

By Aashish Chanana (director)

When we talk about Indian cinema, many of us take it as synonymous to Bollywood, which is just the film industry based in Mumbai. India cinema, however, consists of other Indian regional film industries as well which produce many artistic and successful movies every year. After Bollywood, the most popular film industry in India is that of South India. From... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (Thinker )

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