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When we talk about Indian cinema, many of us take it as synonymous to Bollywood, which is just the film industry based in Mumbai. India cinema, however, consists of other Indian regional film industries as well which produce many artistic and successful movies every year. After Bollywood, the most popular film industry in India is that of South India. From... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (Thinker )

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"Intellectual directors", "mind game". These phrases can have multiple meanings. For instance, you can call Robert Rodat (and Steven Spielberg) a genius for 'Saving Private Ryan'; in particular that scene in the movie of Omaha beach. The emotions, horror, and everything about that scene makes it one of the greatest of all time.  (Courtesy:... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Suspense, tension, shock, thrill, and twist are all the elements of a good and entertaining film and are often confused with one another, because the sensations and feelings that these elements induce are blend so perfectly that we don’t know which of these are we actually feeling. (Courtesy: KAKUCHOPUREI.COM) ... Read More

By Ruchika Dutta (Teacher )

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Akira Kurosawa was conceived in Tokyo in 1910. ... After the rebooting of his vocation, Kurosawa made movies like Kagemusha and Ran. The feeling, the structure, the encircling, and the camera development was flawlessness in film after film after film all through his more than 50 years making films.R ..Read More

By Anonymous