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what is neechbhang rajyog?

Anonymous | Posted 05 Nov, 2019

Before getting into the question of neechbhang rajyog, first of all let us know what is neechbhang. Neech here, refers to the debilitation state of any planet. When this debilitation of any planet gets cancelled through certain combinations and placements, it is called neechbhang. ... Read More

By Anonymous

letsdiskuss answer

Are you facing error while depositing and withdrawing the USD in Libra Coin account? Is this issues sound a big trouble for you? If you are clueless how to deal with such issues, you can always contact the team of skilled professionals who is always ready to guide you. You have to call on Libra supp ..Read More

By libra coin (libracrypto)


what are the python libraries?

mahesh reddy excutive | Posted 21 Aug, 2019

Python Library is heap methods and functionalities you can use to implement for many actions without the use of codes. Particularly, PIL (the Python Imaging Library) is the major library used to manipulate images in python. Pillow is an updated version and an ..Read More

By Anonymous

Facebook, is a Web2 based social network having 2.4 billion active users, has recently announced a move into the Web3. “Facebook launching a cryptocurrency” media is introducing. The reality is more complex. Facebook is planning to launch its own distributed ledger, token—Libra—and the Calib ..Read More

By Block Chainerz (Blockchain Developer)