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Is nadi astrology believable?

Chandan Naiya Blogger | Posted 25 Oct, 2018

Many people are still confused about if Nadi astrology can actually help in predicting past life of an individual. Nadi astrology is the ancient form of astrology and is mostly practiced in Southern India. Hindu sages used to record an individual's past, present and future via recording it on p ..Read More

By AstroTalk 1 (Online Astrology Service)

Preferring Vedic astrology and  Western astrology both completely depend on our faith AS we are belonging to India we are used to following the Vedic Astrology but many of use don't Know what is astrology is all about.  Vedic Astrology is DECIPHERING THE ANCIENT VEDIC SCIENCES. It is surprising to note that Vedic Sciences warrant an Almanac that is... Read More

By Guruji Nagaraj Prasad (Ancient Vedic Sciences)

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