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Why is Ambani and Adani so much richer than Ratan Tata?

abhishek rajput net qualified in Hindi | Posted 11 Jul, 2020

As shared by an army officer. "It's not about the profession." I was on temporary duty to attend the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. I had to stay two nights in Delhi, so I stayed at Hotel TAJ. I particularly chose this hotel because of its fame.In the evening, I called the reception and requested them to iron my dress. After a while the room service boy... Read More

By abhishek rajput (net qualified in Hindi )

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Why is India great?

parvin singh Army constable | Posted 11 Jul, 2020

India is a mysterious country, the land of sages and sages. Know because of its greatness ..... 1. Nature On one side is the sea and on the other side is the icy Himalayas. On one side there is desert and on the other side there is dense forest. On one side there are high mountains and on the o ..Read More

By parvin singh (Army constable )