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The introduction of new and good performance laptops in the gadget market has marked the closure of big desktops totally. Laptops of different configurations and types are now hitting the market and consumers are not shying away from purchasing them, no matter how expensive they are. ... Read More

By Sameer Kumar (Software engineer at HCL technologies)

Which are the most expensive gaming laptop?

If there is anything in the Trump election manifesto that the Republican President has stayed true to, then it is his intolerance for immigrants. From a seven-country ban in the Middle East, that made his policies the ***** of many jokes, to deporting the illegal immigrant parents of US born children, the man has shown immense commitment in uprooting... Read More

By Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Entrepreneur)

Is the H1-B Visa Policy of the USA the Trump Trap initiated by the anti-immigration administration?

do traditional marketing for your websites, social media platform is useful tools you can start from, then do business listings on several sites, do blog commenting and forum commenting to engage people. ..Read More

Latest Answer: 05 Jun, 2021

By dev slash (Digital Marketer)


What are the main purposes of education?

Pankaj Singh @letsuser | Posted 07 Oct, 2018

“Mata pita guru prabhu charanon mein pranavat barambar !” In our Indian culture, Guru comes even before God. Because teacher teaches us the way to understand all the worldly matters including god. Education is not learning the... Read More

By Vasanthi Gopalan (Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator.)

What are the main purposes of education?