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Yes,It's Required but I think Narendra Modi will never be ready and Rahul Gandhi as now seen everywhere to called him for debate so he will be ready for the same... ..Read More

By Pratap Pratap (Blogger)


who is better, Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi?

Anonymous | Posted 31 Mar, 2019

When you are in politics you cannot be a good person, but you can always be a better politician than the other. Concluding directly may not lead to a conclusion who is better than the other. The following basis of comparison need to be considered in deciding : 1. Image as a politician: Modi no dou ..Read More

By Mayank Gupta ()

Not just that… Congress President Rahul Gandhi also promised that if his party comes to power, they will give the poorest 20 percent families in the country a minimum income guarantee of Rs 6,000 per month. That is, Rs 72,000 per annum for free to any family earning less than Rs 12,000 a month. Much similar to the Universal Basic Income, this Congress... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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