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The IPO price of Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd won’t really be more than Rs 15. My bet is that it will be between Rs 10 and Rs 12. However, that being said, don’t hope too much from MSEI. All its hype can eventually tank given how things are right now. In fact, I would go as far as advising you against investing in it. If you will look... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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What is the best debt consolidation company to use?

Anonymous | Posted 23 Sep, 2019

Do your research and apply that data to your money situation.For example, if you have got enough cash however simply want longer to pay off a debt, a debt management program can be a stronger alternative than a debt consolidation loan or debt settlement. However, if you’re trying to eliminate day ..Read More

By instasalary official (digital marketing)


Where can you get a small loan if you have bad credit?

Stephanie Wight Blogger(home improvement) | Posted 24 Oct, 2018

My dear friend, long story short, loan is not supposed to be given to somebody who cannot give it back. Bad credit score indicates that you have been a defaulter in the past, hence it’s not very easy to get a loan from banks and NBFCs. ... Read More

By Avichal Singh (Project Manager at The Economic Times)

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Nowadays the process of quick loans with bad credit is easy. Bad credit loans lender looks at the affordability and payability of the borrower and some circumstances of the borrower and also see a credit score. today we can easily get loan if we have bad credit. If you have a bad credit score o ..Read More

By Anonymous