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Is Mortgage Loan Interest Tax Deductible in India?

Anonymous | Posted 15 Hours ago

In India House loan is tax deductible loan, but the entire loan amount or the interest. However, there are some clauses that are attached to it. first of all, you must know that the answer of is mortgage loan interest tax deductible india is surely yes – it comes under 80C act of Tax deduction and ..Read More

By Naina Kapoor (Financial Consultant)

Going on a vacation without any pre-planning does seem adventurous, but one of the most ignored aspects of an international trip planning is travel insurance. The travellers don’t realise that the cost of treatment of a simple stomach infection abroad might just become more expensive than the cost ..Read More

By Quickinsure Mumbai (Student )

When the cash is your financial balance you can spend it by means of platinum card or pull back it as money from a free ATM at no additional charge. After you've made the exchange you will owe the sum you acquired in addition to the cash move expense on the Visa. ... Read More

By Anonymous

letsdiskuss answer

I believe this is the easiest thing you can do online today. You don’t event need to approach any bank of its websites these days. Simply write “personal loan” on google, you will be served with 100s of sources where you can apply for personal loan. Here’s a screenshot of my google search. ... Read More

By Avichal Singh (Project Manager at The Economic Times)

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