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What are the benefits of business loans?

Anonymous | Posted 13 Feb, 2019

By applying for a business loan, you can expand your business and invest money wisely to increase profits. It is always good to have some buffer funds to sustain your business in the long run. Moreover, there are many financial institutions like Lendingkart that process loans quickly.  ..Read More

By Ashish Gupta (Finance)

I believe this is the easiest thing you can do online today. You don’t event need to approach any bank of its websites these days. Simply write “personal loan” on google, you will be served with 100s of sources where you can apply for personal loan. Here’s a screenshot of my google search. ... Read More

By Avichal Singh (Project Manager at The Economic Times)

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What is needed to apply for a business loan?

Anonymous | Posted 23 Jan, 2019

Hi, it all depends upon good credit score and there are two types of business loans available secured loans where need to provide surety or guarantor against the loan and for unsecured loans are short-term loans without any collateral or guarantor needed. Also giving assurance to the lenders with a ..Read More

By james peter (Employee)

We all know that Stock Market is short of business where the owner (trader) buy the product(shares) in a very low cost and then sell it when they get a proper rate to get a profit. Take an example where a businessman starts a business, he purchases some goods and keeps them for selling in the market ..Read More

By Parul Soni (Stock Market Investment Adviser)