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How should he react? Well, for the starters…He should react sanely. Like a human. Politely.Served non-vegetarian food, is that the end of the world?So what he has non-vegetarian food in front?If he doesn't like it, he must politely refuse and ask for the food to be replaced with something veg. (Courtesy: The News Minute)Even if his request cannot be... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Get Google Translate. You can go online for this yet the application is progressively helpful and it tends to be utilized disconnected. You can compose words and expressions, point your camera at menus and signs, or address get an interpretation. For certain dialects, there's additionally constant spoken discussion mode to talk (at an extremely fundamental... Read More

By manajilaha sanpappu (Blogger)

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Transports regularly pursue indistinguishable courses from the trains, yet for substantially less. Once I took a transport from Granada to Madrid. It took five hours and cost €17 ($22). A similar voyage via train took four hours and cost €70 ($91). Wow! That is an extraordinary precedent, however the facts demonstrate that transports are all around less... Read More

By Anonymous

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What are the best places in Africa to visit and explore?

Bella Xavier | Posted 16 May, 2019

With its sweeping scenes and impressive creature life, the world's second-greatest landmass is ostensibly the best for picture takers. Toss in that feeling of being in a spot that hasn't changed for a considerable length of time, and now... Read More

By Raymond Schoor (@letsuser)

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