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How to improve sales for digital technologies?

prism enterprise Software development | Updated 04 Sep, 2019

Creative Online Marketing Solutions makes simple to discover in contacts that motivate activityOnline Marketing consultants specialize in understanding your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. Read More: ..Read More

By prism enterprise (Software development)


What is Tally Software and how it is used?

Anonymous | Posted 13 Jun, 2019

Tally is a product by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is an Indian MNC. It's main product, Tally ERP 9 is a software that handles accounting, inventory management, tax management, payroll, etc. It comes with both single user & multi-user licenses depending on the size of the business it is to be used for. ... Read More

By Ruhi Khan (@student)

letsdiskuss answer

I would like to know what are the new technologies launching this year as I know only about chaina which build the first largest air purifier and also the uber planning to launch a flying taxi. ..Read More

By Ayush Shukla ()


What technologies will be available by the 2020s?

Sumil Yadav Sales Manager... | Updated 10 Aug, 2018

hello,technology is running at fast speed in today's era and by the 2020s it will be boon. The latest technology that may grow soon are artificial intelligence,information technology,cloud computing moon is a brief knowlege about technology trends. ..Read More

By jyoti atoliya (student)