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People would accomplish essentially similar advancements since they simply found previous standards of science, science and material science. The discretionary decisions of configuration would contrast and the planning would vary. Possibly photography would have been imagined in 1700, and movies by ..Read More

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What makes technology evil?

Anonymous | Posted 02 Jul, 2019

 When a fabric backing and outstanding thread come together with your design, the end result is a wearable structure of artwork. The custom Patches is a fashion that is rooted in tradition. These at the start homemade badges are now viewed in all places and can be made with a variety of attachm ..Read More

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Top 5 Most Promising Start-ups in India 20181. Healthians - India is known for its vibrant medical scene.2. Zerodha - India is known for its vibrant medical scene.3. Emflux Motors - This startup is one of those that have expressed interest in the motorcycle industry. 4. Ixigo - In the travel bu ..Read More

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What are some best GPS devices for seniors?

Anonymous | Posted 24 Jun, 2019

there are various GPS tracker available in the playstore Technology Moon ..Read More

By divya raletta (student)