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There’s this Start-up called Humai. It is promising immortality to humans by combining the power of AI, nanotechnology and cloning. What its theory says is once we’ve have perfected each of these three departments, we’ll be able of freeze one’s brain, create a new artificial body, repair your brain and then transfer it into your newly created body.... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Anonymous | Posted 10 Sep, 2019

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There are various biotechnology colleges in India for you to choose from after you have completed your 12th. Given below are some of the colleges that you can consider: IIT Delhi- E ..Read More

By Naina Kapoor (Financial Consultant)

If you are searching for the latest technology news-related website, then you can visit Techpout is a latest updated tech website that offers useful Top 10, How To, Windows, Android, Cyber security, Softwares, Apps, Games, and Tech News.  ..Read More

By Tanu Saha (Digital Marketing Analyst)