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Following are the ways to improve SEO skills: Focus On-- On page and off page Seo. Focus On Keyword Research. Focus on content optimization. Focus on Website optimization. focus on Competitor analysis. focus on backlink. focus on website blog Do the an ..Read More

By Deepika Sain (Marketing)

Here are some tips: keep brushing your hair to distribute the natural oils. Don't use shampoo too much. Choose a shampoo which is not drying.Apply aloe Vera gel once a w ..Read More

By Sameer seoexpert (blogger)

Truth be told, there is no research done until now which can state the causes of a hangover. And consequentially, the methods of prevention of it have also not yet been devised. (Courtesy: Greatist)There are certain old sayings which claim that the order of having wine and beer can affect the extent of hangover... Read More

By Dharm Dass (Working with Maruti Suzuki )

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How to prevent ourselves from the major fashion blunders?

Sneha Bhatiya Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted 12 Jan, 2019

There is hardly someone, in the present times, who does not like styling herself/himself, according to the latest fashion. Now with the invasion of social media in our lives, it has become even more important for youngsters today to look good, not only in reality but also on Instagram and Facebook. For this, some follow the style of their latest... Read More

By Urmila Solanki (BBA in mass communication)

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