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How many type of firewall in networking??

Kamlesh Joshi network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted 20 Oct, 2018

There are five different types of firewall architectures, broadly speaking:Packet-filtering firewallsStateful inspection firewallsCircuit-level gatewaysApplication-level gateways (a.k.a. proxy firewalls)Next-gen firewalls ..Read More

By Dazzling Dazzler (Student)


What is Massage Therapy?

Amrita Singh | Posted 11 Apr, 2019

Massage therapy is a time tested healthcare technique which is in practice since centuries. One of the oldest health practices, massage therapy is used extensively in Chinese and Western culture. It was even advocated by Hippocrates, who is considered “the father of medicine”. ... Read More

By तृष्णा भट्टाचार्य (Fitness trainer,Fitness Academy)

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