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What are the five elements of a perfect Bollywood movie?

Rohit Valiyan Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Updated 10 Aug, 2018

I am a Bollywood fan, I really love the masala, gossips, dances and songs that are in a perfect Bollywood movie. There is actually no match to the Bollywood movies with the other genre movies, that’s what makes it popular in the world. 5 elements that make a hindi movie are: (Image - thebetterindia)1. Love triangle: This is one of the common parts... Read More

By Anonymous

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I Guess five or six, Indian cricketers have married Bollywood actresses ..Read More

Latest Answer: 27 Mar, 2021

By Sarah Neilson ()


Which actresses ruined their face with plastic surgery?

Trishna . Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 21 Mar, 2021

Plastic surgery has been very common in our film industry since the 1980s, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Many celebrities have enhanced their physical features with the help of it. But not all celebrities got beautiful results out of it. There are many actresses who have ruined their faces using plastic surgery. Be it Joan Rivers or Koena Mitra we... Read More

By Anushka Maity (Student)

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