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How Long Tail Keywords is Working in Search Engine?

Zinavo Web Digital Executive | Posted 04 Jan, 2020

A keyword consist of two or three words in it is known as long tail keyword. Long tail keyword have a higher conversion value and they are more specific. ..Read More

By Megan Cole (Blooger)

SEO And Adwords are two different techniques of online Marketing but have their own importance in marketing.Google Adwords is easy to create and it is used for a Short period of time. It boost the company site with a goal to get more traffic, lead or Reach and It is a  paid advertisement.W ..Read More

By Kumpenny Solutions ()

Using AdWords data to kick off a new SEO strategy is a fantastic way to minimize risk by creating proof-of-concept and testing ideas. You can also mine your PPC data to refine an existing SEO strategy or run ads to reinforce and strengthen your organic search results. ..Read More

By Ashna Sharma (Digital marketing Executive)