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How many Coronavirus cases in India in the last 24 hrs?

Kanika Malhotra On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 25 Mar, 2021

In the last 24 hours the total number of Coronavirus cases has been very distressing. India has registered 53,476 fresh cases of Covid-19. Maharashtra breaks all records with more than 31,000 cases.

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How long does coronavirus last in the body?

Trishna . Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 24 Mar, 2021

Coronavirus is caused due to the virus SARS-COV-2. It spreads if the infected person is in direct contact with a person and that’s the reason for this outbreak. There are various symptoms that differ with individuals. It takes about 5-6 days for the virus to spread from an infected person and show the symptoms. But it is still not clear how long does... Read More

By Anushka Maity (Student)

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What happens after you recover from Coronavirus?

Trishna . Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 21 Mar, 2021

Corona is a deadly virus spreading covid 19 exponentially since its onset. There’s no medicine created to curb it and one can only be safe by being more aware. There are many ways for the virus to reach a person’s body, be through air, hands, some bought stuff, railings etc. Even after taking care of the slightest thing, a person has a good chance to... Read More

By aakansha Tejwani (student)

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