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Which city is known as Red City?

G Sai Naga Susmitha Content Writer | Posted 21 Aug, 2020

Jaipur is called the Red City. The name is given to it, because of the stone's color solely used for the construction of the structures. Pink symbolizes the color of hospitality. ..Read More

By Naheed Mir (Owner & CEO)


What should I do to keep my face beautiful forever?

Sneha Bhatiya Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted 26 Sep, 2018

Everyone, be it a man or a woman, is conscious and worried about their looks and beauty. Everyone wants to keep their beauty intact, and never want it to get blemished. But no one can be forever young, and with age one loses his or her beautiful looks and appearance. Also read: What are fruits and vegetables that will add glow to my skin?         ... Read More

By Sanya Chopra (Makeup artist at Jawed Habib)

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5. Liza Soberano – Philippines                            Image-GoogleThe Filipino-American entertainer and model comes at number 5 this time. A year ago, she vanquished the second situation among 'most wonderful ladies on the planet'. Notwithstanding her acting vocation, she's the substance of world's acclaimed image Maybelline. The... Read More

By Prince Sen (Blogger)

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