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What defines beauty?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 08 May, 2021

Beauty is not a physical skin tone it's nothing but attraction to the outer world with our behavior or smile or body languages ..Read More

Latest Answer: 19 Hours ago

By Anonymous


how to reduce hair fall?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 08 May, 2021

According to American Academy of Dermatologist, it's normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day and for long hair it could be little more than that.But if it is extreme that you should definitely take proper care of your hair. Eat properly, don't overwash your hair, drink lots of water, avoid ..Read More

Latest Answer: 09 May, 2021

By Ayushi Chowdhury (Student)

A beauty contest is a competition that is totally based on judging and ranking physical attributes of the contest. They judge according to their intelligence, personality and ability to answer the question.  ..Read More

Latest Answer: 08 May, 2021

By Rashmi Choudhary (Student)


How to remove tan from face?

Khushboo Gupta HR Executive | Posted 04 Mar, 2021

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" therefore what may appear to be beautiful to some may not appeal to the other. But everyone urges for beautiful skin,fair skin and of course a clear skin. For obtaining a beautiful skin people... Read More

By Anushka Maity (Student)

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