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What to do in your pass-time?

veronika thomas blogger | Posted 21 Mar, 2019

“Time is money”,as said by many famous economists, entrepreneurs is exactly true.But,we do need breaks from our monotonous daily routines and a change of atmosphere to keep us going and help us get rejuvenated.But,it’s important to fully utilize the spare time we have. ..Read More

By Priyal Verma (Student)


Is it true engineer life is too busy Or bore?

Anonymous | Posted 09 Feb, 2019

good question, engineers are new creaters so they have lots of commitments in their field , ..Read More

By point creative ()


Is staying at home with kids harder than going to work?

Medha Kapoor B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted 11 Aug, 2018

It depends on the person. This is not just a two different perspectives with different roles indeed. If you are a housewife, you have an entire house to manage. Kitchen and house chores take all the time. You have to ma ..Read More

By Alex Miller (Blogger)


How can I study for long hours without getting bored?

Rahul Mehra System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted 13 Jul, 2018

Higher studies demand long and continuous hours of focus and hard work but human mind and body have their own limitations. Students tend to stay up at night and have long study hours despite getting bored and tired. This has serious effects on physical as well as mental health of children. A regular... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (Thinker )

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