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Gone are the days when Indian middle class was struggling to get bread and butter and travelling in a packed buses and trains to reach office. Now except in Metro cities, people are either commute by 2 wheelers or by 4 wheelers. Thanks to liberalization and IT industries boom in India , the difference between the rich people and poor people is narrowing.... Read More

By Vasanthi Gopalan (Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator.)

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To own and ride the world’s fastest motorcycle is the dream of every motorbike-enthusiast. With the advent of all the big motorcycle brands in Indian market, this dream does not seem much far off. See if your favorite bike has made it... Read More

By Rahul Hans (Highway rider) (Ex. Managing editor at Indian Cars Bikes)

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It always depends upon 2 things whether you want to travel short distances or longer ones.Short Distance : ( Within your city )1. Always carry water with you because you have to be hydrated from time to time(Energy drink can be good too but don't make a habit out of it).2. Wear helmet and ..Read More

By Nupur Vaidya (Software Developer.)


Which is the best bike for short heighted girls?

Anonymous | Posted 27 Feb, 2019

It feels so good when girls show an interest in riding a bike. Bike riding is indeed a very special experience for anyone. And, the road trips just come as the additional perks to it. Well talking about different bikes, we basically have city bikes, cruisers, and sports bike. City bikes are usually light in weight and are also comparatively smaller than the... Read More

By Fairy Kumar (@Blogger)

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