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What is brownian motion?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 03 Jun, 2021

Brownian motion which is also known as pedesis is the random type of motion of some particles which are suspended in any form of medium such as liquid or gas. This is a physical phenomenon which has some random and small fluctuations. This motion is named after a Scottish Botanist, Robert Brown. He was the first person to notice the movement of pollen grain... Read More

By Khyati Anand (student )

What is brownian motion?

What is the best way to prepare for jee chemistry?

Anonymous | Posted 04 Jun, 2020

I think for JEE Chemistry is all about basic concepts  and its application. First off all you need to make your  basics stronger then move to the application of these basics.  ..Read More

Latest Answer: 09 Jun, 2020

By Manoj Shukla (@Learner)

There is 25 question on Chemistry in JEE Main exam. ..Read More

Latest Answer: 04 Jun, 2020

By Manoj Shukla (@Learner)