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With the passion to pursue engineering from a premier institute like IIT, a lot of students aim at cracking the IIT JEE to live this dream right from their 11th standard. Considered collectively of the foremost troublesome entrance exams across the world, not several savvy to organize for JEE and la ..Read More

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Vitality develop: The particles and atoms in a substance picks up reactivity with the expansion of vitality. various substances have various properties and respond with different substances like oxygen to combust. So two substances may not respond at room temperature but rather include light or power or warmth and they will begin to recombine into new... Read More

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There are different types of Biochemistry Analyzer all Biochemistry Analyzer Price is different, TypesBS 240EM 200Erba Chem 5xErba Chem 7Biochemistry analyzer is not a standard photometer. It is a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer which is capable of performing the hormonal assay, elect ..Read More

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If we understood the concepts and theory in NCERT book completely even a single word, then it can be said that we can score 200-240. We have to gone through each and every word of NCERT including all reactions, formulas, solved/unsolved examples, exercises.Questions are generally based on NCERT syll ..Read More

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