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How can I improve my communication skills?

Anonymous | Posted 27 Feb, 2019

Be it any work, place or area, communication is required everywhere. Communication is said to be good when the other person is able to understand exactly what you wanted to convey. Though it looks very easy it is indeed very difficult to actually master this art of becoming a good communicator.  Practice is all you need to master this art.And,... Read More

By Fairy Kumar (@Blogger)

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Because these days people are advanced they use the net to search anything for they have been looking for. Social media network helps the local business to get a reach of high customers. Social media networks include Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media from that customers can reach the l ..Read More

By Sanjeev Kumar (student)

Communication helps in developing a better relationship in our personal, professional and social life. It helps us in understanding the correct medium of communication and identify the loop holes, it makes us choose the right and appropriate choices to fill in the gaps which would act as a hindrance in fulfilling our objectives and goals. Communication is... Read More

By Shruti Arya (blogger)

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On the one side, there isn’t any mistake really! As long as the other person is understanding what you’re saying, there’s no such thing as a mistake. However, on the other hand, there are several of the technical and objective mistakes that Indians make while communicating in English that hinder the effectiveness of whatever they are saying.• For... Read More

By Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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