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One of the ideas that can give non-bookkeeping (and even some bookkeeping) business people a fit is the differentiation among altruism and other impalpable resources in an organization's budget reports. Maybe the disarray is normal. All things considered, altruism means the estimation of certain non ..Read More

By akash seo (Blogger)


What is the full form of FD?

Anonymous | Posted 22 Apr, 2020

The FD full form is fixed deposit, which is a risk-free investment option offered by financial institutions. Under this option, an individual invests in a lump sum for a specific period at a pre-determined interest rate. At the end of this tenor, they can withdraw their principal invested as well as the interest earned on it as a maturity amount. Interest... Read More

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Yes, M.Tech is a great option to go for after you complete your B. Tech. There prevails a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing what to do after your Bachelor’s Degree. But post-graduation adds value to your profile and you will be given more preference in jobs and interviews because of your ..Read More

By arokiya aravinth (SEO analyst)


How does VR videos and movies look so real?

Tony Abraham Football enthusiast | Updated 21 Jul, 2018

The VR videos are created using computer technologies and virtual reality headsets to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations. It is created using interactive software, hardware and experienced or controlled by movement of the body for interactive experience generated by a com ..Read More

By John Colson (@letsuser)

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