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what is content development?

shantha kumar seo analyst | Posted 14 Hours ago

If you’re interested in marketing of your business online (and who isn’t at this point obviously?), you can’t get rid of hearing about content marketing. It’s everywhere you look or listen in the market of digitalization. ..Read More

By NorthPole Web Service (Owner)


What is the purpose of school?

Pankaj Singh @letsuser | Posted 07 Oct, 2018

  The key qualities a school must endeavour to impart in its students include  > Ability to think  > A natural curiosity  > A reasonable imagination  > Communication Skills and  > Mathematical skills These are hard skills. We also acquire some soft skills like  > Sense of ethics  > Humility  > Being a team player Schools should not be... Read More

By Ashok Ganguly (Educationist & Former Chairman, CBSE)

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Which course should I opt for after 12th?

Anonymous | Posted 21 Mar, 2019

This is one question which arises in every student's heart who is about to pass 12th standard. Although it's quite normal to be a bit anxious, nervous, and curious about one's career at this stage, the parental and societal pressure make students ready their career plans even before they pass board exams in peace. Let's face it now. Not every students is... Read More

By Ruchika Dutta (Teacher )

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How To Join Indian Navy

Anonymous | Posted 14 May, 2019

hi Gyes i am Prince i am Student in Major kalshi classes So your Question is How To Join Indian Navy if you want to join the Indian Navy so it is so simple process The UPSC holds, twice a year, an examination for the entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (10+2). C ..Read More

By Anonymous