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The main difference between yoga and exercise is that in yoga energy is conserved on the other hand while doing exercise there is breakdown of energy. That's why yoga is also known as anabolic and doing exercise is known as catabolic. While doing yoga mostly dynamic movements are required and w ..Read More

Latest Answer: 23 Hours ago

By Rashmi Choudhary (Student)

Everyone has own likings and dislikings in this world. People want to devote their precious time in doing their favourable things. Today, I will tell you for those people who have interest in creative writing. I advise to read more books. You should write daily a paragraph or two paragraph. You shou ..Read More

Latest Answer: 07 May, 2021

By Anonymous

In today's competitive environment, everyone desires to lead a healthy life. A regular workout helps to keep you energetic and refreshed. It even boosts you to remain in the competition of day-to-day life and achieve your targets in life. ... Read More

By Shrestha Seal (Writer)

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What’s better yoga or gym?

Ramesh Kumar Marketing Manager | Updated 25 Jul, 2018

Yoga will help tone your body but while it's doing that, it also helps you to be truly in the moment and infuses your spirit with positive energy. A gym workout is focused primarily on improving your body's physical condition. 2. ... A gym workout is focused just on strengthening muscles and boostin ..Read More

Latest Answer: 21 Mar, 2021

By Post sttuffonix (Blogger)