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what is the best morning routine?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 07 May, 2021

Wake Up At YOUR Right Time. Eliminate Decision-Making Tasks In The Morning. Create A Morning Routine To Focus Your Mind. Move Around And Hydrate. Eat The Frog... Or T ..Read More

Latest Answer: 1 Hour ago

By Anonymous


What is Massage Therapy?

Amrita Singh | Posted 11 Apr, 2019

Massage therapy is a type of manipulation which is done manually by following some techniques. These therapies are done on soft body muscle and are done for moving tissues and pressure. The main purpose of these movements is to generate a good flow of blood and lymph in the body. There are some good ..Read More

Latest Answer: 23 Hours ago

By Vanisha Anand (Student)


how to control high blood pressure?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 09 May, 2021

Take two piece of garlic in morning.Use amla.Take medicine according  doctor.  ..Read More

Latest Answer: 09 May, 2021

By Sks Jain (@ teacher student ptofessor)

To live a healthy life is very important and very difficult also in today's busy schedule and this can be maintained with a proper diet. Mostly people in their busy schedule don't get time to maintain their diet, due to shortage of time they eat fast food or junk food. But this is very unhealthy for ..Read More

Latest Answer: 05 May, 2021

By Rashmi Choudhary (Student)