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Comparably, American Football demands a lot from the players. It’s very strenuous physically.Participants get injured – minor or major – which requires time to heal. So, for recuperation, players are given more offs between matches. This is why there are so few NFL games per season. So that the high-demanding matches do not put their physical (and... Read More

By Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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What are hyper casual games?

Jet Play Games Mobile Games Developer | Posted 24 Jul, 2020

Those mobile games that are easy to play and usually available free are called hyper-casual game. Such games are quickly played after downloading because they are without tutorials or instructions. ..Read More

By Naheed Mir (Owner & CEO)

Let me explain you with an example:Suppose you purchased a new smartphone and somehow there is some sort of major software or hardware issue in it. In this case, the manufacturer will replace your phone.The manufacturer will repair the faulted phone and sell them again in Refurbished Category.Refurb ..Read More

By sadiq rehan (student)

Surely, it will, since they have spentmore time to play than studying. however, it depends on the amount of time that spends to play. My friend often plays app game on apknite but just for 30min to 1hour/day. That helps him relax and have fun, and his achievement seem affected, but in positive way. ..Read More

By josh Gonzale (freelancer)