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Surely, it will, since they have spentmore time to play than studying. however, it depends on the amount of time that spends to play. My friend often plays app game on apknite but just for 30min to 1hour/day. That helps him relax and have fun, and his achievement seem affected, but in positive way. ..Read More

By josh Gonzale (freelancer)


Can India host Olympics?

Ram kumar Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 01 Sep, 2018

I don't think that India should and India will. There are several reasons for this: First of all India doesn't have the infrastructure in order to host something like Olympics, ..Read More

By Naveen Kumar (Blogger)

Parents should be able to just hand their phone to their kids and let them play. Here are the best kids games for Android! ... Minecraft. PBS Kids games. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose. Poio. Toca Boca games. ..Read More

By sabares waran (@letsuser)


What survival games do you like?

Rita Lee gamer | Posted 06 Jul, 2020

I love survival games. I really like The Forest, Day Z and The Last of Us (only the first part). Now I'm playing Realmcraft. I thought of downloading Minecraft, but then I found this free clone on the Play Market and decided not to spend money. There is also a survival mode here, you can choose one ..Read More

By Jeena Wilson (Gamer)