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Life starts seeming pointless due to a series of unexpected events which we do not want to happen. Such events put one in trauma, cause depression and anxiety. Most times, such events tend to continue for a longer time and under societal pressure one person never talk his heart out which lead to further depression and anxiety attacks. It all over affects... Read More

By aakansha Tejwani (student)

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Our routine life is full of challenges that causes strong and overwhelming emotions in us, which is known as stress and when our body naturally respond to stress, it becomes anxiety. They are very natural and unavoidable in today’s dynamic world. Every person has different factors in their life that become the reason of their stress and anxiety,... Read More

By Divya vashistha (homemaker.blogger)

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How does stress affect the body?

Kanika Malhotra On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 07 Mar, 2021

Stress is the common word that chases the mind’s peace. Peace of mind that entirely belongs to the happy soul. A happy soul is responsible for the betterment of a balanced life. A balanced life is gained by maintaining a balance between body and mind. The mind is conditioned with the thoughts that we brought up in our heads. Head releases those thoughts... Read More

By Gargi Sidana (Blogger)

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