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Bikes or two wheelers are the most commonly used vehicles on Indian roads. Bikes are so popular that many people possess more than one. Bikes however, are more prone to accidents and damage as compared to four wheelers. Insurance for bikes therefore, is very important. It has become convenient and beneficial as well now. For those who feel it a burden... Read More

By Sikandar khan (Engineer at KW Group)

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Important question, especially for those who first time buyers for term insurance plan are. Life insurance is an important financial decision to protect your family and dependents. Please don’t confuse it with an investment option, its objective is to cover financial need in case you are not there for your family. Here’s a list of some factors... Read More

By Rohan Chauhan (Financial analyst (Mudra finance company))

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Protection area offers their clients with different alternatives to cover their money related dangers related with wellbeing crises. Rather than changing plans and experiencing the muddled procedure of purchasing new ones consistently, the organizations have thought of top-up plans. These plans offe ..Read More

By Anonymous