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Why is Commercial auto insurance necessary?

Anonymous | Updated 06 Dec, 2019

Lead an assistance with your vehicle. Need higher constraints of risk as a result of the idea of your work. Take an extensive load in instruments or hardware or towing a trailer used to direct your business in your vehicle. ..Read More

By sadaf sarwar (Blogger)


What are the tips to save tax?

Ajay Paswan Physical Education Trainer | Updated 27 Jul, 2018

1. Saving Under us 80/c act.2. Medical Insurance.3. Charitable Donations : Under section 80/G.4. Donation for science and research OR Rural development :- under 80/CGA5. EPF A/C6. PPF A/C7. NPS holder :- Under 80/C

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How to Check Online if a UK Car is Taxed?

Anonymous | Posted 22 Apr, 2020

 If you are buying a car, you may want to check if it has any current car tax or you may own a vehicle and not be sure when its car tax is about to expire. It is a legal requirement to have a car tax for any vehicle that is to be used on the UK roads. Using a Car Analytics website will give you ..Read More

By Linda paeleman (Student)


What is the maximum limit of KCC?

Anonymous | Posted 20 Apr, 2020

The maximum credit limit under KCC depends on the lending institution. They take into account a farmer’s income and other factors before setting such a limit. It also depends on the scale of finance and cropping pattern a farmer has proposed.  It must be noted that the credit limit can unde ..Read More

By Nancy Ahuja (Blogger)