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When will the Kashmir issue be solved?

Sameer Kumar Software engineer at HCL technologies | Updated 27 Jul, 2018

Why so? 1. Jinnah needed to turn out to be first PM of unified India in which case he wont proceed with parcel however Nehru didnt concur regardless of realizing Jinnah had some genuine infection and had just not many months to live. 2. This caused Jinnah to heighten shared disdain and sla ..Read More

By mudas saraziz (Blogger)


Except Kashmir, which hill station is more beautiful?

Urmila Solanki BBA in mass communication | Updated 28 Jul, 2018

Nainital is a beautiful hill station in India and famous for its various natural attraction. Its green hills, old cottages, and a web of strolling streets attract people towards it. Everyone should... Read More

By Paul Murray (CEO)

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What is it like in Kashmir right now?

Rohit Valiyan Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted 05 Aug, 2019

After having curfew before the removal of section 370 it was believed that this heaven on earth will have more violence after this action. Surprisingly, there is nothing like that in Kashmir and people live a peaceful life. However, there are still certain restrictions in the state but overall there is no protest except a few political leaders and there is... Read More

By Kandarp Dave (Blogger)

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How to buy land in Jammu Kashmir?

Abdul Malik News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted 07 Aug, 2019

Okay, before rushing to buy land in Jammu Kashmir, be extremely vigilant of fraudulent. Already news is surfacing about fake advertisements selling real estate in the state. Don’t believe everything you see.Now, coming to your question… (Courtesy: Zee News)Since Article 370 has been removed and Jammu Kashmir is now a part of the Indian union, anyone can... Read More

By Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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