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What are things to keep in mind before buying a gaming laptop?

Rohan Chauhan Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Updated 07 Aug, 2018

Game freaks always seek a laptop that offers a pure gaming experience. There are a lot of brands like HP, Asus, MSI, Razer, Dell that offer a wide range of gaming laptops in the market. But which one is the best and what should you keep in mind before buying a gaming laptop is mentioned below:1. The right Processor High intensity games like Assassins... Read More

By Ritwik Singh (Manager at Amazon)

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How To Find a Good Laptop Repair Shop?

Computer Krayzee Computer Repair service | Posted 14 Dec, 2020

To Find a Good Laptop Repair Shop is not a difficult task. Just tell me your location, I will tell you the best laptop repairs shop around you. You can also check online about the best laptop repair shops in your area. Google map can also help you to find the distance of the repair shop from your ar ..Read More

By Naheed Mir (Owner & CEO)

Use an App that transfers the file using available Wifi bandwidth.For that, use ShareIt. It transfers files over Wifi.You could download ShareIt for Windows from their official website and run both of them (on smartphone as well as on PC) and transfer the file. ..Read More

By Justin Cobler (Student)

Sheltered and Secure Repair Service Improvement in innovation has permitted us to keep our information in a protected stage. Notwithstanding, be it an equipment or programming, still, there can be an impending danger. Yet, while going for a nearby fix store, ..Read More

By eweb guru (Blogger)