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Nowadays best activities for every toddler are the play learning games using AR VR technology in which kids learn through play and RedChimpz helps for this, Wondering whether technology is corrupting or boosting the minds of the younger generation? Well, here is the answer. The technology if not used efficiently becomes an addiction in no time, while if... Read More

By red chimpz (executive)

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What is the best educational program for kids?

Anonymous | Posted 16 Oct, 2019

Their education starts before the child goes to school. Comprehensive early childhood care and education aims to promote the overall growth, development and learning of children from birth to six years of age. ... Read More

By Chhavi Tyagi (digital marketer)

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What are the best games to play with kids?

Anonymous | Posted 05 Oct, 2019

Benefits of FlashCards for Toddlers Activities for 3 yearolds child are extremely important in many ways – they form the foundation for future development. FLASHCARDS! Sound familiar? Learning Activities for Kids are a proven way to... Read More

By Anonymous

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