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What are Human Rights?

Sks Jain @ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 21 Hours ago

India is a democratic country. As per the rules of democracy, each and every people should have equal rights and duties. It's main importance are :Make a difference in the worldLeads to variety of careersHelp people and work towards peaceProtects vulnerable groups from abuseThese includes:Right To E ..Read More

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By RIYA KUMARI (student)


What is soul?

Sks Jain @ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 12 May, 2021

A spiritual essence of a living being is considered as a soul. In many religions and mythological traditions, the soul has the mental abilities of a living being, their memory, their thinking and consciousness etc. They state that philosophically the soul isn't considered to be immortal or mortal. It can also be understood as a synonym to mind. It is also... Read More

By Vanisha Anand (Student)

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Rashmi Choudhary Student | Posted 11 May, 2021

For today's generation tattoo became an emotion, many people do tattoo because they feel that it will make them look cool or they think that they will look beautiful, or it can also be like that, that a particular image is very close to that person's emotion so that the person will tattoo that image on his skin so that forever he can keep it with him. 

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Some people tattoo their religion symbol also may be to give honour that they belong to that particular religion. Many people tattoo just because they like the look of that certain tattoo or they just want to express individuality. There were many people like that also who tattoo because they are addicted to the pain or process. In other words we can say... Read More

By Rashmi Choudhary (Student)

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