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The third Maharani of Jaipur, Gayatri Devi, was sent to Tihar Jail in July 1975, where she spent nearly six months during the Emergency imposed under the direction of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In 1962, Gayatri Devi contested the Lok Sabha elections from Jaipur, and won by a landslide majority, 192,909 votes out of 246,516 – 78% – a world... Read More

By shivam singh (student)

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What are some facts about Razia Sultana?

parvin singh Army constable | Posted 18 Aug, 2020

Razia Sultana (Reign: 1236 - 1240), otherwise called Raziya Al Din. She was of Turkish Seljuks ***** lineage and was prepared to lead armed forces and control realms. Razia Sultana was the fifth Mamluk Sultan. Razia was conceived in 1205, in Budaun, India. She was raised like a child by her dad. She got preparing in horse riding, shooting and... Read More

By parvin singh (Army constable )

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If I had to choose between these two then I will choose dancing because it involves a kind of physical exercise. As I work in an office, I spend all the time sitting on the chair and becoming lazy day by day,So I will choose dancing as it improves the endurance of body muscles, allowing them to work ..Read More

By sadiq rehan (student)