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what a networking in computer?

Kamlesh Joshi network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted 20 Oct, 2018

Networking in computer is a part of computer engineering. It is studying and analyzing the communication process of various devices and systems that are connected or linked for the purpose of communication. It deals with sharing or exchanging resources while communicating. ... Read More

By Vasanthi Gopalan (Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator.)

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Hi, here are some topics you can choose from for your thesis preparation: 1-REHDIS: Refined Hamming Distance Technique to Minimize Data Transfer Delay in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Manet, 2017, IEEE ..Read More

By Amrit Rayat (Director)


How many type of firewall in networking??

Kamlesh Joshi network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted 20 Oct, 2018

There are five different types of firewall architectures, broadly speaking:Packet-filtering firewallsStateful inspection firewallsCircuit-level gatewaysApplication-level gateways (a.k.a. proxy firewalls)Next-gen firewalls ..Read More

By Dazzling Dazzler (Student)

The significant contrast from a client perspective somewhere in the range of 4G and 5G strategies must be something different than expanded pinnacle bit rate. It could be higher number of all the while associated gadgets, higher framework phantom effectiveness (information volume per zone unit), lower battery utilization, lower blackout likelihood (better... Read More

By Anonymous

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