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Research gap is a problem, which is not addressed properly. This may be due to lack of sufficient information to support their claim and also the literature review gap which are the missing or incomplete piece of data - literature review services ..Read More

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Why Pursue a PhD Degree in India?

stu valley Education consultant | Posted 06 Apr, 2019

If you are thinking that your Ph.D. degree will go in vain, you are absolutely wrong. It is one of the highest educational qualifications in India and many parts of the world. In India, every year a few groups of people can able to successfully pass their Ph.D. Those who pass the program get myriad ..Read More

By stu valley (Education consultant)

There’s a big difference between literature review and bibliography. Literature or literary review is, broadly put, like an essay. It gives an overview of a particular topic, discusses the pros and cons, and advice the readers. They are primarily meant to summarize, discuss and evaluate an argument that’s already made.For example, if someone has... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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The PhD program offers a better opportunity to conduct independent study, scholarly research, and obtain an in-depth knowledge of a specialized field, which would be otherwise only superficially available to the more practical, commercially useful MBA degree.if you want to go in teaching field then go for Ph D after MBA. if your goal is to be part of a... Read More

By Shikha Kudesia (Content writer and teacher also)

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