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When you are awake and conscious, you are always thinking, consciously or unconsciously. It's a never-ending process. You cannot, even if you choose to, cease thinking, except when you sleep, and when you enter a higher state of consciousness, at which time your subconscious mind is still at work. On any given day you process sixty to seventy thousand... Read More

By Jacob joseph (Healer, writer)

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What is the meaning of life?

Anonymous | Posted 21 Feb, 2021

The meaning of life is derived from the contemplation of scientific, psychological and physiological facts. Scientific benefactions describe facts about existence, significance of living and consciousness. Whereas psychological and physiological experiences define meaning of life to every individual between births to death differently. According to me life... Read More

By Divya vashistha (homemaker.blogger)

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What is the significance of life ?

Kanika Malhotra On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 08 Feb, 2021

Death is inevitable but it seemingly is closer to them who never learned how to live. We live to make memories and for smiles, laughter and cheers. To reminisce the days when we were fresh florescence drenched in the first rain, revisiting the petrichor. We live to realize, to feel, to breath and to taste the... Read More

By Gargi Sidana (Blogger)

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