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A technology podcast is an episodic series of digital media files (often in audio and video formats). The term podcast, ..Show more
What is Tech podcast in simple terms?

Marketing in Dynamics 365 is a great opportunity to quickly and effortlessly get a 360° view of your marketing, with ..Show more
What are the features of the Dynamics 365 marketing implementation?

A sewage treatment plant is a facility designed to purify wastewater by removing solids and contaminants. These plants a ..Show more
What is sewage treatment plant and how does it work?

A remote control is a device used to operate other devices such as a television, DVD player, or other appliance. The rem ..Show more
how does Tv remote works?

Remote sensing is the process of acquiring data from a remote location for purposes of understanding the state of someth ..Show more
what is remote sensing?

What are the minerals of africa?
Anonymous | Posted
Africa has a wide variety of minerals that have been mined for centuries, and the amount of minerals in Africa is astoni ..Show more
What are the minerals of africa?

Write about the climate of africa?
Anonymous | Posted
The climate in Africa is unique, which means that the natural resources of the region vary. African countries are mostly ..Show more
Write about the climate of africa?

what is ligament?
ANJU M.J. | Posted
A ligament is a band of strong tissues that hold joints in place. They are tough but flexible, much like ropes. Ligament ..Show more
what is ligament?

When thinking of designing a piece of software, it's vital to talk about the steps from a designer's perspective. This c ..Show more
Define steps of Software Design?

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like currency that has no physical form. Unlike currency, cryptocurrency is not ..Show more
What is Volume in Cryptocurrency

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