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What is better, SEO or PPC?

David Warner 7Search PPC is the most happening Pay-Per-Click (PPC) provider in the advertising industry. Get your ad in front of prospects who are actively searching for your product or service! Pay only when your ad is clicked. Read More | Posted 04 Jan, 2021

PPC and SEO both have own importance, If you have high marketing budget and want quick results like if you have ecommerce site and you want quick conversions and revenue in such a sort time than PPC is the better option and if you have patience and low budget than SEO is best option it's a cost effe ..Read More

By diksha gupta (Digital Marketing Manager)


How to find bad backlinks for website?

Gopi Seo @letsuser | Posted 12 Oct, 2018

Since the last Google update, a lot of things have modified in terms of quality back links. Dangerous backlinks have remained identical, though, they were created your time past with no intent to hurt an internet site, or there was an organized negative SEO at ..Read More

By Harsh Kumar (SEO Analyst)

Web optimization help improves your positioning in web crawlers and puts your site at the head of the list items. Web optimization Makes Other Businesses Take Notice: There are clients who likewise notice when your site rank on the principal page in Google look. ... It's anything but difficult to ge ..Read More

By jacob graves (Blogger)

Following are the ways to improve SEO skills: Focus On-- On page and off page Seo. Focus On Keyword Research. Focus on content optimization. Focus on Website optimization. focus on Competitor analysis. focus on backlink. focus on website blog Do the an ..Read More

By Deepika Sain (Marketing)