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How can I improve my communication skills?

Anonymous | Posted 27 Feb, 2019

Be it any work, place or area, communication is required everywhere. Communication is said to be good when the other person is able to understand exactly what you wanted to convey. Though it looks very easy it is indeed very difficult to actually master this art of becoming a good communicator.  Practice is all you need to master this art.And,... Read More

By Fairy Kumar (@Blogger)

letsdiskuss answer

You should not include your personal information accept email id, address, and phone number. ..Read More

By Sanjeev Kumar (student)


How do you tell someone that s/he doesn't cook well?

Ram kumar Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Updated 31 Jul, 2018

One of the worst ways you can tell them is by telling them. I am assuming you’re talking about your wife—don’t just go and tell her that she cooks badly. You’re not only going to hurt her but also will create problems for yourself. (If you know what I mean ;))   You can suggest them indirectly and subtlety. Like instead of saying “you cook... Read More

By अनीता कुमारी (Home maker)

letsdiskuss answer

You should have knowledge of Python, analytics, ML,  ..Read More

By Ankit Singh (Blogger)